Thursday, December 10, 2009

Waylaid...but getting back on track...

Sometimes life just kind of infringes upon my sewing...been in CA to see my dad, check on our condo, volunteer at the Aquarium, visit old friends, etc. ALL good things, but not sewing related. I did make a little skirt for my DGD and have a dressy t shirt cut out to sew up when I put cream colored thread on the serger! I cut a shirt for me and one for her--so sewing should be easy and sort of assembly line style.

Second, I think I am going to give myself the challenge of sewing up some of the stash! I have always enjoyed collecting, but now the extent of the collection has sort of exceeded my level of enjoyment. So, I will be making some things for the kids and some from me, but all from the stash for the next month or two.

We'll see if I can really do this!

Happy Holidays--I know Chanukah begins tomorrow, and Kwanza will soon be here. My family celebrates Christmas and that is coming too soon! I'll be back before the 25th with some photos to show some progress...

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