Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Work? Do I want to do this?

I am still sewing--small pieces of the AG doll wardrobe and I'm working on jacket 108 from the Feb Burda Style magazine. This is sort of a wearable muslin so I did not include the pockets, but will put some sort of embellishment on the front. I looked at a $1200 jacket today at Nordstrom that did not have pockets either, just faux flaps. Guess I can do that too!

I've been a little antsy since the holidays and contacted my former colleagues to see if anyone needed an admin sub. Very little response came my way, so I have planned a few other activities around my current physical therapy sessions. Well, this afternoon a request came to take over as the principal of an elementary school for the remainder of the year. Hmmmm. I didn't give an answer, asked for some time to think about it. So, by tomorrow morning I need to make up my mind. I worked at an elementary school last spring (as a sub AP) and enjoyed most days. It is a different work load and level of responsibility as the principal. I have "been there/done that" as a middle school principal. BUT, this school has 633 students, not 1900. A staff that is also one thrid the size of my last school, etc. I do need a place to wear some of the clothes I've been sewing!

So, between now and tomorrow morning I'll have to finalize my decision. I know I can work a somewhat flexible schedule and take a few days here and there as needed to visit my dad, run away with my husband, etc. We'll see.

I need to finish the doll clothes a little at a time. Jammies are done, more cut out, etc.

I'll let you know what I decide.

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Terri K said...

Looking forward to seeing what you do with the burda style cardigan jacket.