Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Walking Totals for 2009

This is a screen shot of the year's Nike Plus walk records from Jan 19, 2009 to Jan 19, 2010. This is a device that pairs a sensor on/in my walking shoes with my ipod Nano. I'm not a real record keeper or statistician, but this system easily keeps track of my daily walks. DH walks with me and wears a pedometer. I do not wear my walking shoes all of the time--for example when we are on vacation, especially in Europe, I wear other comfortable shoes but not lace up walking shoes. Therefore, there are times when I have put in many miles and don't get them recorded. So, on the ipod, I have recorded 1403 miles and DH has recorded 2295 miles for 2009. I'm really pleased and proud of these miles--many years I did not have/make the time to exercise and I suffered for that. Now, it is the first thing I do each day and it is something I do with DH. We enjoy the time together as well as the added benefit of getting exercise. We have walked the sidewalks of Paris, the French countryside, crowded streets in Budapest and early mornings in Madrid, Barcelona, and Sevilla. We walk the neighborhoods of Belmont Shore in the summer and the malls of Las Vegas in the winter. I have developed a back problem which makes me avoid hills whenever possible, so the local walking trail is out of bounds for a while. Hopefully, physical therapy will correct that or at least improve it and I will be back on our LV trails too.

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Lori said...

Very impressive.