Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm Sewing--no photos!

I am working on some jeans for my grandson--he's a skinny size 4 and most RTW pants are just too big. Only the Gap sells 4S that I can find. So--I am repurposing some garments I bought for me on ebay several years ago. Two Talbots garments were cut up for their fabric--they were too big for me but the denim is great quality and the hand is very soft on both. Neither was more than very gently worn. So far I think they will be cute. I used a Patrones size 4 and hope that they fit! We'll see. I need to finish the waistband on one pair--the other is about half done. I will show the pix ASAP.


MelissaL88 said...

For what it's worth...both my boys are very skinny. I get slims for them at Sears and The Children's Place.

Teddylyn said...

Thanks, Melissa!

I got him some at the Gap and at Kohls, but it is good to know about the Children's Place and Sears. CP only carries slims online, but that's OK with me too!