Sunday, November 2, 2008

Loes Hinse Garments--Photos Coming!

See comments below--I never can move things around like the pro bloggers! I made these garments during my 4 days in Carmel and one day at home. Fun and gratifying!

Here we go--I made the black/white jacket from a "tweaked" version of the Biarritz jacket, size small. Brown jacket and multi color knit jacket with the velvet collar are the Biarritz jacket as found in the envelope. Also size small. The t shirts are versions of the Perfect Tee pattern, also size small. The lace T is the long sleeve version with sleeves and hem done on the rolled hem serger. The dark olive is the same version with the sleeves and hem trimmed to cut off the hem allowance then trimmed with rayon chiffon. I tried to tea dye the chiffon, but it was very spotty. So, I bleached it back to off white and like it as is. The tank and camisole are made from the tank dress pattern, size small. Whew! I made the brown jacket when I got home--it was a remnant that Sharon gave away on the last day and the collar is a scrap I had from a jacket I made in the spring.
It was fun to sew garments that fit, including the gray Oxford Pants--made in a small. They fit well, but Loes helped me to "scoop out the butt" to make the fit really just about perfect! Now I have a TNT pants pattern that I can use as it is or to help me adjust other patterns to ensure good fit. Hope I can load the photos now!


Shannon said...

Wow! Talk about being productive! All your new garments are wonderful. I am loving the look of that new Biarritz jacket pattern - can't wait to get my hands on it!

MelissaL88 said...

Fantastic pieces! I really love the look of the brown jacket. Is that the Brown Boucle that Sharon had on the CE website? I have that fabric and was going to make a Garbo out of it, but I really like your Biarritz! Thanks for sharing :)

Terri K said...

Lyn - Thanks for posting your latest wardrobe of Loes Hinse patterns. I also must make some of the new jackets.

MaryPat R said...

Wow, what a huge amount of great clothes! I especially like the first jacket.