Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Complete Ensemble

Here is the complete ensemble--I am pleased with the two garments together.

The shirt is from the Ottobre pattern #301 made in a size 116 from Chez Ami cotton lycra knit. The jumper is from a special Burda Kids' Fashion magazine...not sure of the year as I could not find one on the magazine. Ah--it says c 2003 on the pattern sheets. I have been keeping this pristine for quite a while! I stole an idea from Lyra on Stitchers Guild copying a jumper she made for her niece recently. I love the piping idea so I included a strip of the knit between the bodice and skirt pieces of the jumper. It just gave it some punch. I can't wait for Christmas to give the goodies to DGD!


Summerset said...

Super Cute! I love that little bit of contrast between the bodice and skirt that ties the whole outfit together. The colors are great, too.

Natalie said...

This is a darling outfit! I like the jumper without the pleats!

Isabelle said...

Thank you so much Lynda for your wonderful comment, which I just read.

This outfit is adorable. The jumper and shirt go so well together. I am sure this will be well received, and well loved.