Saturday, June 21, 2008

Burda Bloomers

Here are the bloomers/shorts I made to go under the (previous entry) giraffe dress for DGD. I had a heck of a time with the pockets and had just about decided the shorts weren't worth the aggravation. Then, after I posted a question on the Burda English list at yahoo, Sigrid gave me an excellent idea and the pockets were a snap to attach. Sigrid suggested I use a bias or piping trim around the edge of the pockets, gather the pocket fullness to this strip, then stitch in the ditch to attach the pockets to the front of the garment. Wonderful!!! I got the rest of the Burda directions and finished the shorts. I will give them to DGD tomorrow to wear under her dress--or with a tshirt for play.
These bloomers are size 104 from BWOF 3/2008--I think they are style number 132.

What a great thing it is to find new friends in the internet blogosphere! It is incredible that my assistance came from the Netherlands. Thanks so much, Sigrid!

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Sigrid said...

Glad the idea worked out well. Nice shorts with the bow on the side. Will be a lot of happy hours playing in these.