Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I've Been Sewing...

But no photos yet! I made an outfit for my younger DGD from Ottobre 03/08--top #15 and Daisy pants #16. I bought the fabric at Fabricland in Orange, CA and the ribbon trim and beads at the ribbon store (Fabric Barn?) on Anaheim in Long Beach. This outfit is a size 110 and I hope it will fit her for a while.

I am making shirts for her brothers too--but haven't gotten too far. I got a new-to-me Evolve serger for my birthday next month. I have one at home and had purchased an older used Babylock serger for use at the condo. Much frustration with threading later, I found a used Evolve on a sewing list and purchased it from MN. I have been experimenting with the threading and different functions. At home I totally underuse this machine as I have a coverstitch machine and a backup here. I don't buy jewelry. I don't spend much $$ on RTW clothing. My splurges are my grand kids and sewing machines.

I spent much too much time on the phone today with the social security operator (call center) trying to get a duplicate 1099 for my dad and to change his mailing address back to his previous home, where my sister now lives. I was on hold for 50 minutes and never did get the issue resolved even with a call back from a supervisor. If my dad were in better condition, we could take him to the local office in Aliso Viejo and get this done in person. We may have to do that anyway and just make him deal with the situation. Ugh.

Hopefully, photos will be posted tomorrow when DH takes his camera out to get flower photos!

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