Monday, October 31, 2011

Loes Hinse Seminar

Having a wonderful time--wish you were here! What fun to sew with a group of like-minded ladies who share their talents freely with no hint of one upmanship! I love Loes's patterns because they are so versatile and they fit me with little or no alteration. That never happens for me with any other line. I've seen many iterations of patterns using a wide variety of fabrics--so many clever ideas to immitate in the future!

I'll share some photos when I get home, but I've made a couple of pairs of the narrow version of the Bilboa pant, a Mallorca jacket and a few perfect tee t shirts. Tomorrow is the final day and I'm hoping to cut out a Biarritz jacket/cardigan. We will see if I get that done. Seems I've messed up my lower back by sitting on the bed. Go figure! Not even an exciting story to tell. I'm hoping it returns itself to normal by morning. Not whining, just explaining that I may not get as many garments sewn as I hoped to/usually do.

Loes's boutique has many lovely items, as usual! I was drawn to jackets made from vintage fabrics, tops using stretch lace with interesting selvages used at the hemline, unique necklaces and many pretties!

I hope sleep comes soon and that I wake up ready to sew!

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Terri K said...

Hi Lynda - catching up on your blog posts and your sewing.

Sounds like you've had another productive and inspiring time in Carmel. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've sewn and hearing about her new ideas and styling.