Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sewing and Other Stuff

I have done a little sewing--made my vest from ABO out of Japanese cotton.  Love it!  I will take a photo when I am home and have my trusty camera available.  Or, maybe DH will take a photo if I wear it while we are away. 

I worked, I went to see my DGS perform and earn his 2nd degree black belt in combined martial arts.  He is amazing--won best tester of his class of 8.  he broke the studio record for several physical activities.  He is amazing.  He is 12 years old.  I am truly in awe of his dedication and drive.  We don't need to mention his skills as a wake boarder, skier, student, etc.  How lucky is he that his older sister is just as unique in her own areas.  Oh yeah, this may be a blatant example of Grandma bias, but that's what Grandmas do!!!

Now I'm deeply engrossed in a more somber activity--settling my dad's estate.  Hopefully, things will go smoothly at the broker tomorrow and the several banks can be visited and accounts closed.  I am armed with death certificates, a tough hide, and a wonderful husband.  DH has been my rock for the past 43 years, but never more so at the times of family sorrow. 

I'll be back to sewing in a week or two.  All of this stuff has meant time in the car.  Hours and hours of time in the car.  I'm not a whiner by nature, but my back has been whining at me.  This too shall pass.  Be back soon with some fun projects!  I'm looking forward to going to Loes's seminar at the end of the month--I'll certainly have some new goodies to share after that!

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