Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vacation and Then Work

I've been pondering this, and decided I'd take this position for the rest of the school year. Our state is in dire straights financially and our local school district must tighten the budget even more. So, where there was no funding, there is now negative funding. There are administrative positions that will not be filled, so schools go without a principal? I can step in and fill the position for a couple of months. The pay is NOT great and there are no benefits, but I earned a nice living working here and I can give some time back.

So, I better sew like a mad woman the next few days :>) I made 2 t shirts today and will finish up the 3rd pair of L Hinse pants too. I don't really need any clothes, but they are fun to make! The new Burda has several tempting items and I hope to trace those items and maybe cut them out as well.

DH and I are going out for a frozen yogurt. Have a nice evening!

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