Friday, June 17, 2011

Burda Kids' tee and a Loes Hinse Dress--A Couple of Finished Items ***Photos Added

First--the French Country Dress is NOT a difficult garment to sew--but you must cut out all of the required pieces!  I drove myself crazy trying to put this together minus one crucial piece...needless to say, I ripped and sewed and ripped some more.  Finally, I reread all of the directions, looked again at the fabric layout, etc and realized what a dope I'd been.  It is finished and I plan to wear it to my granddaughter's dance recital tonight.  Maybe DH will snap a quick picture--I left my camera at our condo.

Second, I finished the little Burda tee shirt for my DGD.  It is from the May 2011 issue, pattern #138 with short sleeves.  It is cute, it was easy, and again I procrastinated on getting it done.  I made the ankle pants with bottom bands for her from the same issue.  Those were done several weeks ago, but the shirt remained on the sewing table...outfit is finished now that school is out!  Maybe DH will snap a photo of the tee shirt too.  Fingers crossed!

I'm  hoping to do a few things here before we go back to cooler climates on Monday.  It is a 4-5 hour drive, so I like to have some handwork ready to do while we are on the road.  DH does all of the driving, so I have some time to sew on snaps, buttons, etc.  I find that the natural light in the car is very helpful to my old eyes.

I also bought a Singer 301 as a dedicated button hole maker.  Whooppee!  It works and I really had no problems in remembering how to use the buttonhole attachment.  It is just like the one I learned to sew with--Mom had a Featherweight with all of the attachments that came out over the years.  I have her machine, but no attachments.  Anyway, this has been an area of frustration for me, even though I have a couple of pretty fancy machines in the sewing studio(s).  Now I can have a sure thing buttonhole and that makes me happy!

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Terri K said...

Checking in to see what you've been sewing. You look great in the French Country Dress! You should sew another soon. Coincidentally I've had the pattern a long time and not sewn it up so I e-mailed Sharon asking for fabric suggestions about a month ago.