Sunday, June 5, 2011

Catching Up--Miscenaleous Photos


I finished up some UFOs before leaving for the summer.  I have more to do, but here is the beginning of the projects!

First--the green boiled wool jacket.  I finished by covering large snaps with silk and then sewing black buttons on the right side for some ornamentation.  I'm happy with it--I'll wear it this fall when the weather is cooler!  LOL

Next is a long sleeved Perfect Tee that I started last fall when I returned from the last LH seminar.  I had only sewn the shoulder seams and finished the neckline.  I got out the Featherweight my mother left me and wanted to give it a little workout to ensure it is kept in good running  condition.  No problems at all in sewing the sleeve and side seams as well as the hems.  Great results!  The machine works perfectly and the shirt is finished!

The third item is a LH Paris jacket made from some faux linen purchased at Fabric Depot in Portland, Oregon. I'd been at a Patti Palmer fitting workshop and she had worn a suit made from the fabric.  I had to have it, but it's been maturing in the stash for 6 years!  I also made some Oxford zip pants from the fabric, so I have a "suit" if I want to wear the pieces together.

ETA--don't know what happened to the info on the skirt.  It is the Loes Hinse new Sarong Skirt.  Fabric from Casual Elegance.  I'm pleased with both the skirt and the fabric.

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Summerset said...

Nice new things! I bet it is nice to have these things finished and ready to be worn.