Friday, September 9, 2011

Photo of latest O'S Pants

Yikes! Long time since I posted anything. I've done some sewing, but I'm also working and don't seem to have the energy required to sew at night. I'm a retired school admin and am subbing as a principal for a few weeks. I forget how physically and emotionally draining this job is. Won't be sorry to turn in my keys (again) in a couple of weeks!

I hope I can attach a photo DH took this AM with my iPhone. I wore this to work today--ABO jacket and OS pants. The pants are from a drapey textured fabric I bought from Sharon at Casual Elegance. Easy and comfortable to wear. This time I made a small+ with no alterations. I'll wear them for a day to see if the fit seems right...(Since I had to play with the photo--I'll add that by the end of the day I kind of had "droopy drawers."  Not sure what to do about this...)

I have another ABO almost finished. This one is from Italian linen and will function as a shirt.

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