Friday, June 5, 2009

Getting Back in Gear

Here are the publications I got while in Spain and Portugal. This was a fun way to spend a few minutes in various cities as I spied the bookstalls. I got the first one in Barcelona.

I found the spring issue of Patrones as well as a children's issue. The children's magazine came from Granada. Very fun reading while in Spain.

I also found the Diana children's magazine in Toledo--didn't realize it was knitting at first, but I will enjoy it too!

Finally, in Lisbon I found the French version of Burda June 2009. The cover is different but the patterns included are the same. Another great thing about the French version is that the line drawnings are on the pages with the photographs of the garments!

this is also true of the Patrones magazines. Really small and not as good as the ones at the beginning of the instructions, but it is really helpful to see what the garment should look like--not always easy to tell from Burda photos!

I have not gotten back into the sewing swing of things as we are packing to go to the beach for the summer. We are just waiting for DH's permanent copy of his driver's license to arrive by mail, then we'll be ready to relocate for a few months. Unfortunately, he lost his wallet to a pick pocket in Madrid so we had to replace a few items when we got home. Luckily, no real harm was done and it did not stop us from having a really fun time.

We were on a tour with some time on the bus between venues. While the scenery was new and exciting, some long rides were a bit tedious so I listened to podcasts on my ipod. I caught up with Lori's ( podcasts and enjoyed being able to sew mentally while listening to the episodes. I thought I would listen to them at night when jet lag wouldn't let me sleep, but the topics were interesting and I got too involved. Defeated the purpose. So, thanks to Cidell and Trena ( as well as Lori for taking the time to provide us with this entertaining and informative format.

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Sigrid said...

You brought some great magazines home. Looking forward what you're making out of these.