Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cooking, Not Sewing--Paella

We had paella in Spain--traditional chicken in Barcelona and seafood in Madrid. We wandered into a few shops that specialized in paella pans and grills but decided it would be a pain to carry a pan around for the rest of our trip and to try to ship it home. So, when we got home I went on the Internet and found a US vendor of all things paella. I ordered a "kit" to make my first paella and did so just before leaving LV for the beach. I made the chicken version--has chicken thigh, artichoke, tomato, garlic, garbanzo beans, rice, chicken stock, onions (didn't use cuz DH hates them), saffron, salt, and pepper. Oh, and olive oil to saute all of the above. Paella requires a special rice that is NOT long grain so that it will puff up as it absorbs the broth. Tasty! I also left out the red bell pepper due to DH's taste. We had enough for several meals, so I froze the left overs and hope to enjoy another meal when we are back in LV.

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