Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thinking about Sewing

I am still working, so not doing much sewing. This is the time of year when schools have evening activities, so that means the principal should show up! Not a bad thing, just eats up my personal time for a while. I have been thinking about sewing, however. I even have some black linen on the cutting table to make into some version of Loes Hinse pants. Easy sewing and I am pretty sure of the fit. Kind of no brainer sewing.

I went to visit my dad yesterday so we are on the road. We'll spend some time at the Happiest Place on Earth today and then head home tomorrow. The kids know that there are 12 more days of school left, so the end is in sight. Next year I think I'll stay retired!

My next post will be with a photo of something I've made!

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