Friday, May 28, 2010

A Little Sewing--Loes Hinse Double Chiffon Skirt

I am going to try the cut and paste method of blogging today—we’ll see if I am technologically able. I made the double layer chiffon skirt from one of Loes Hinse’s past newsletters. How easy and cute! I had to pick off the waistband because I thought I KNEW what to do without looking at the directions. Well, when I followed the directions I got a great finish and fit.

I still have some things cut out that I had hoped to finish—the tee shirt that matches the skirt for one. I have 3 more days of work as an elementary principal then I am free again. I am so grateful that I am a retired educator because today’s challenges are truly formidable.

Hope to post a photo tonight!

I love reading about everyone’s projects. I hope to get back to creating a few of my own. It is not like I NEED any clothes—I just enjoy the process of making them. I also think it helps me to keep the old brain cells working. Problem solving when sewing is a good spatial relationship challenge.

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