Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sewing Goodies

I know I often am more enamored by the tools than the process...but I wonder how many more things I need to accumulate....I just got the following goodies from Sew True (NAYY) in NYC (via web/mail). I got the needle pin tracing wheel to trace Burda and Ottobre magazine patterns. I trace most patterns to be honest so I can modify the patterns without destroying the originals. I also got a short piece of their pattern paper--nice quality with printed grid and wide width. I will try it out tomorrow on a couple of picks from the new Burda.

I also got pattern hanging hooks--but now I need to find a place to hang them...hmmmm. I know friends who have a rack in the garage, spare room, etc. BUT, the garage is DH's territory--he has a wonderful workshop in our remodeled garage. We do have room for cars and lawn equipt, etc., but not for me to infringe on his area. I have a large sewing studio with built in storage, but I'll need to redo the configuration of the storage in order to hang the patterns. Probably not a bad idea!

Finally, I got a punch tool for marking the patterns--notches, darts, fold lines, center front, etc. It just makes a slit in the pattern which can be used as a guide for clipping with my scissors after cutting out the pieces.

With the current economic situation, I am glad I have machines I love and that I don't covet the newest, shiniest, most expensive new model-of-the-season machine. Compared to many women, I have a horde of machines as it is! I certainly have fabric to last for years, though I do still buy pieces that really catch my eye. I also have 5 grands that I sew for sproadically.

Any other must-have notions, tools, that you can't live without? I find I can get along with patterns, tracing paper, pen, pencil, pins, weights, good shears, nippers, and a dependable sewing machine. I find a serger almost indispensible...and that's it. Of course, I have LOTS more stuff and I do use it. But do I NEED it???

Happy sewing!

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gwensews said...

Basically, I find it difficult to pass up any type of notion. I can always find a reason that I absolutely must have every gadget on the market. Sometimes, I even get around to using them!