Thursday, January 29, 2009

Progress! BWOF #120 1/2009

I redid the sleeve plackets--still not perfect, but "good enough" that I will not be self conscious wearing it! It is done save the buttons and button holes. Since I'm not sure what buttons I'll use, I am waiting to make the button holes.
Thanks for the encouragement I received! I do think I will enjoy the blouse.
I must give kudos to Lori at Girls in the Garden--I read her entries and didn't use the Burda directions much! I made a size 40 and it is roomy, but that's much better than too tight!


Lori said...

Beautiful blouse, so happy my pictures helped. Enjoy your blouse.

Summerset said...

Nice blouse! It is great to see this one made up as I was thinking of making this one in white for myself.