Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Biarritz and Oxford

Here is a simple outfit made from Loes Hinse patterns. The jacket is a "tweaked" Biarritz per Loes's instructions and the pants are Oxfords. Both made from a black ghost crepe fabric purchased from Sharon at Casual Elegance. I didn't like the jacket at first--too lightweight for my tastes...so I bought some braid at a ribbon store in Long Beach and hand basted that around the neck edge to give it a bit more body. Still didn't look great to me, so I added the large button and was much happier with the end result. The pants are a TNT pattern which fits and is so easy to make! I'm not sure if I will wear these pieces together or as separates, but it is nice to have 2 more items in the wardrobe.



nice a dress

Terri K said...

Very nice Lyn. I'm working on another Biarritz jacket in a light weight tweed using a a silk jacquard remnant I had left over from a blouse for the collar. I enlarged the photo to see the braid better.Did you change the collar, or leave it off on this one? What is the "tweak" as Loes calls the changes?

Teddylyn said...

Hi Terri!

The "tweat" is a different cut to the front and back jacket pieces--essentially adding back the amt for the collar and the seam allowances. I went to the fall seminar and she showed us how to do it. Just lay your collar piece against the front piece and add that amount back, trace around the top of the collar piece to form the new cutting line. This fabric is very light weight and I just wanted more weight at the neckline.

Hope this makes sense!

Teddylyn said...

Should have read this before publishing--should be "tweak"