Monday, April 14, 2008

A Photo Collection

Second try--I'm having trouble with Blogger not saving the post for editing...Hmmm. So, please excuse the typos and spelling errors!

There are 4 photos I want to post. One is the pair of shorts I posted about yesterday. NOT my favorites. Not modeled--just propped against my trusty Bernina sewing machine to help them stand up :>) I will wear them, but they won't be the first thing I reach for.

Then there are 2 photos from my Sandra Betzina seminar day. Nope, none of Sandra or her garments, although that was a wonderful day! The photos are of Nikki, my internet sewing friend, and another of Nikki and me. We had a fun day listening to Sandra and getting to know one another better!

Finally, a photo I searched for of my sons when they were 3 and 5 1/2. I made the outfits for a friend's wedding. Many stories of how I tortured the boys by making them wear Toughskins and funny vests end up with the red suits I made. I still say they are cute! Now my grands are this age.