Saturday, April 5, 2008

Girly Stuff Again!

Here are photos of the latest projects!

I am having a horrible time getting this post to save--this is the third try!

First, my version of the Rose Dress from Ottobre Design 01/08. Leggings are from 01/07 Ottobre. Both are size 104--leggings length 98. Fabric for the dress is from Chez Amie bought from last year.

Second is my repurposing project--a pair of pants that are now too big for me was remade into a pair of Candy Pants for my DGD. Also from Ottobre 01/08. The embellishments are scraps from the tshirt shown in the previous post--a version of the Hug T shirt from Ottobre 01/08 as well.

Finally, the muslin for the white leggings--a pair of orange check leggings made from PRR fabric from my stash. Fun sewing.

Now I need to sew for my other DGD who will soon be 12! Yikes!


Fenridal said...


Ruth said...

It's beautiful! I like the appliqu├ęd flower/leaves.

I also like your "hugs" t-shirt and skirt in the previous post. I'm in the process of making both shirt and skirt.

good job!

Lori said...

Darling outfits.

Teddylyn said...

Thanks to Ruth and Lori for your kind comments--I'm not really used to seeing comments! How nice!

Sewing is a fun outlet for me--I'm no expert, but I love trying new things. I get so much inspiration from both of you and frequently read your blogs even if I don't leave comments either.

Thanks again!


Sigrid said...

Beautiful Lyn, I really like what you make for your grandchildren