Sunday, April 13, 2008


I did some sewing for myself the past few days--mostly ended up with wadders. Wadded up and thrown away. UGH

I made some Vogue shorts, size 12. Bad fit. I know now that I need to cut on the shorten/lengthen line and lengthen the body of the shorts about one inch. So, the NEXT pair may fit correctly, but the ones I made are a waste.

I went through my UFOs and threw out two pairs of pants I thought I could wear "some day." Nope. They were too tight when I started and now they are too big. OUT.

I did finally make a pair of shorts using a pants pattern from Burda WOF--just cut the legs off and hemmed them. Well, I cut them out shorter, turned under 4inches and made a cuff by folding 2 inches back up. Maybe I'll take a photo--maybe not. They are out of stashed fabric and not my favorite.

Now, I have some things to make for DGD number ONE.

I feel better. Vented.

I did have a great experience yesterday. Sandra Betzina was in town for a presentation sponsored by our local ASG. The event even sparked me to join ASG. A longtime internet friend was in town with her husband, so I picked her up at her hotel (first face-to-face meeting :>) and off we went to the event. VERY inspiring--great ideas, a chance to try on garments to size the SB Vogue patterns, and a delicious lunch with other sewists all around.

Not a bad end to the week :>)

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Ruth said...

You aren't a lone. Seems like whenever I sew anything other than skirt for myself, it ends up being a wadder. That's why I like sewing for my kiddos. Yes, you should show the non-wadder shorts. :-)