Thursday, November 21, 2013

Recovery, Projects, and a Knitting Machine

Just checking in.  I'm rapidly recovering from a little arthroscopic knee surgery.  I was doing GREAT until I developed an allergy to either steristrips or the adhesive they used to attach said steristrips.   Ugly red rash, blisters, etc.  Just a little bump in the road.

While first recovering I made a few items--a long Loes Hinse cardigan, a Vogue 8854 vest with collar and front pocket, and a Vogue 8669 cowl neck tunic.  The first two were cut before surgery at home and the tUnic cut out and sewed at condo before surgery   

I'm also in the midst of getting my unused knitting machine up and working.  It's a Brother 836e which I purchased prior to retirement.  So, seven years later it needs cleaning and oiling.  First, I am waiting for a manual and a sponge bar to arrive in the mail.

I also looked at the newest The Look of Loes Hinse ideas.  I don't need more clothes, but I enjoy making up her new tweaks on old patterns!  I want to trace a few Burda patterns and a couple of Ottobre ones too.  My DGD decided to grow a bit and needs some new clothes!

I'll be back soon with photos!


Anonymous said...

Glad you are out of the woods with your surgery and it was an allergy vs an infection. I got a bad cut while were remodeling our house and replacing the windows 7 years ago. A few days later around the cut I developed a rash that blistered, oozed and itched like poison ivy. I thought it was an infection so I went to my dermatologist who said that I was allergic to the neomycin found in triple antibiotic oinments and that caused the allergic contact dermatitis - the same itching and look/feel of poison ivy dermatitis. He said people are increasingly becoming allergic to this because of all the antibiotics used in animal feed and we eat the meat. Could they have used that on you?

And a big thank you for showing us all your great looking coordinates from the Loes Hinse seminar too.

Terri K

Teddylyn said...

Terri that sounds dismal! Mine was ugly and blistery, but as soon as I washed off the adhesive residue and started cortisone cream and Benadryl things began to improve! I'm allergic to penicillin so this is just another caution. Thanks for the info.