Friday, October 25, 2013

Carmel. Loes, and Sewing

We are here--seminar begins soon but first a day in Monterey.  I hope to at least share some photos of garments in Loes's boutique if not some sewn-by-me garments.  I made a tank, swing skirt, and lace Perfect T for a wedding last weekend.  Talk about a quick solution to a sewing quandary.  TNT patterns, fabric from stash, and an elegant outfit for the event.  Best part is the pieces are wearable for much more casual events when worn with different partners.

Off to walk the beach trail in Asilomar and Monterey...thinking about sewing while I walk.

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Terri K said...

Your post brings back fond memories of the many times I visited Carmel and Monterey. I'm sure you are enjoying your seminar with Loes and sewing friends.