Friday, November 9, 2012

Catching Up--seminar roundup

I started this blog to have a journal of my sewing and I have kind of slogged along, not really expecting others to read my adventures.  I am always pleased to see that I have had visitors, but I know that most would move along since I do not do tutorials or even show many photos.

This will just be a recap of what I made during my days at Loes Hinse's late October seminar.  I ordered a couple of fabrics from Sharon at Casual Elegance prior to leaving home--a black microfiber and a black and onion (?) sweater knit.  During the seminar the microfiber became some narrow Bilbao pants without pockets and the knit is now a warm perfect tee.  A great outfit for cooler days in the desert.

My big project was to make a duster coat from some olive drab twill.  I love it and will post a picture as soon as I put in the buttonhole.  I need to decide on a button first!  It is a seminar pattern with a long  collar on a very deep v neckline.  Perfect for mild winters with a warm scarf.

I also fell in love with the long cardigan similar to one in an earlier version of The Look.  I made one from a soft black sweater knit and have already worn it several times.  I made a second one from a tan/grey sweater knit remnant.  I have worn it also. I really was not drawn to this style of garment until Loes asked me to try one on at the boutique.  Instant change of heart!

I always take a few precut shirts to work on between big projects or when waiting for my turn to have Loes help or direct me.  I made 3 perfect tees to finish up my summer purchases at Michael Levine's in LA.

I bought a remnant of grey/teal tencel twill and made a second pair of Bilbao pants as well.

Not as productive as some years, but I am so pleased with the garments I did make.  Maybe I should add that I smashed a finger under my serger's needle bar when I accidentally stepped on the foot pedal while attempting to thread a needle.  Ouch.

I'm working for a few weeks so my sewing will be limited until Thanksgiving.  I just got a packet of Style Arc patterns so I may redirect for a while...

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