Friday, October 12, 2012

Loes Hinse Bilbao pants and C Jonson Vee Neck Tee

I finally got a photo--not of travel clothing, but of some pants I made this morning and a shirt I made last week or the week before! 

Pants are the Bilbao pattern--the wide leg version modified to be narrow.  I could not put my hands on the pattern so could not trace the narrow leg view.  Sometimes I hate having two separate homes!  But, a friend helped me out by measuring the lower leg of the narrow version on her master pattern.  I used a ruler and my eyeball to narrow the pants down to the indicated measurements (10" front and 10.75" back, includes seam allowances).  I used a piece of fabric from the stash.  I did put in the zipper per instructions but left the pockets off this pair.

The top is my first try at the V neck top from CJ.  I really like it!  Fabric from Michael Levine Loft in the LA garment/fabric district.  We finally have a day that is cool enough for long pants and long sleeves.  Note, October 12!  This top is a medium with no alterations.  I also made her cowl neck top, an epattern.  I made a medium in that as well, but I think I am going to try a small just to compare.

Enjoy your creative crafts!

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