Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Souvenirs from Travels

DH and I just returned from a wonderful trip to Italy--specifically to Umbria, Tuscany, and the Ligurian Riviera regions.  We had a relaxing and replenishing trip.  When we travel, we always take lots of photos--rather DH does as he has the eye, the talent, and the camera equipment necessary.  We also look for European sewing magazines and other sewing related gems that I can bring home but not be overburdened by the mass of my purchases.

I found a wonderful little shop in Lucca, Italy where I purchased the buttons.  It is called Casa del Buttone and is located on Via Michele Rossi.  The shop has a floor to ceiling supply of buttons, stored in boxes with the buttons shown on the end. The friendly clerk who assisted me brought out samples of black and/or silver buttons for me to peruse.  LOTS to choose from.  I bought 5 each of the three shown in the photo.  I am planning to make a couple of jackets in the near future and can hardly wait to put these on a garment!  DH even helped me to select these from the large selection I was shown.

My other quest is always to find local sewing magazines.  I bought the top one in Padua--the September Burda in Italian.  What a wonderful surprise to find that the patterns are NOT the cramped version I get in the US, rather the type we used to get.  I will enjoy tracing from these less crowded sheets.  I have already selected a couple of garment to get in the queue.

The second is a La Mia Boutique, an Italian sewing magazine.  It isn't inspiring me yet, but I often return to these magazines for inspiration or ideas after some time has passed.  I bought this in Orvieto where we spent a couple of fabulous days enjoying the Umbrian hill towns.

The final two are Patrones magazines I picked up in the news shop at the Madrid airport while waiting for a connecting flight.  Score!

I am sewing--I have begun my Willow pants in a Theory wool/rayon/lycra.  Only the zipper and hems left to do!  I will share some photos--maybe a few of me on vacation wearing garments I made prior to departure.  It is great to be home!


Terri K said...

lynda, glad you had a wonderful trip and brought back some treasures. I love that part of Italy. September was when we go because most of the tourists are gone yet the weather is still so nice.

Terri K said...

I forgot to ask - since you were in Umbria, were you in or around the town of Solomeo where the Brunello Cucinelli collections are produced?

Teddylyn said...


I think I sent you a response message--let me know if you don't get it!