Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sewing Room Progress!

We are moved in--our home is very comfortable and the sewing room/fabric cave is coming along as well.  I have a large bedroom dedicated to my vices.  LOL.  The large closet has been outfitted with a closet system for storing sewing things, especially fabric.  I have been going through my large stash of fabric and folding much of it for the storage system.  Many pieces will be donated as they are no longer of use to me.  I bought different things when I was working, when my sons were young, etc.  Now I sew for fun, not for economy.  I sew for personal fulfillment and for the challenge.  I also sew for my 5 grandchildren.  So, I have a lot of stuff.  I will share some photos of the stuff still in the process of being stowed.  I like my new closet because I can see the fabric.  I can find things even if my "system" is not one any other person would use or understand.

Lucky for me, DH has been a trooper and helped fold most of what you can see in the photo.  Thanks to Carolyn ( and Shannon ( for their inspiration and example!  I am more than halfway done and hope to actually sew soon!  I found a CJ funnel neck tee and some LH Euro pants all cut and waiting to be made as I unpacked.

Happy Easter and happy sewing everyone.  I have enjoyed reading blogs while I have been on hiatus.  Lots of lovely examples and inspiration out there!


Time Traveller said...

I adore your fabrics organization :)


Nancy W. said...

This looks great! so nice and neat. Isn't it nice when you clear out to only have things you LOVE!?