Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012

No resolutions here! But I do have some goals:

Finish my Nancy Erickson 1945C jacket in progress
Work a little--makes mr feel like a contributor
Don't work too much--need to enjoy life too!
Keep up the exercise daily--helps both mentally and physically. Can't change some of the medical issues, but I can keep going!
Sew when you/I want to. Make things ilike, don't have to be trendy!
Prepare for the move--not far,but everything has to be packed, trucked, unpacked. It will be worth it when it is DONE
Look for decorating advice. We are using current furniture but I'd like help with paint colors, accent pieces, etc. no idea where to find this...
Go to the beach often. It is restorative
Find peace, joy, and health in 2012

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