Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Been Sewing--no photos

I just finished a pair of European pants from Loes Hinse--guess this is my TNT pattern tho I do make others.  I KNOW they will fit, I know how to make them, the zipper is easy and neat from my perspective, and there are no surprises.  That is both a good and a bad thing.  No pleasant surprises of the satisfaction of a new style to sport.  No wasted time from trying out a new pattern that just doesn't work for my body.  So, pants are made and already being worn today with a Garbo I made several years ago and a long sleeve perfect tee from this fall.  I feel put together, but the clothes are so comfy I don't feel uncomfortable in "dressy" clothes.

I have an Ottobre jacket traced for DGD and the fabric is in the dryer.  I hope to get it cut out this evening and maybe even sew tomorrow.  We will see how much I accomplish.  The jacket is #32, The Two Way Buttoned sweater knit jacket.  (*ETA from the 1/2011 issue) I'm making the first try from some sweatshirt fleece that has aged well in the stash.  It's a forest green that will go with jeans or maybe a little plaid skirt I might whip up to go "with" the jacket.

I'll get some photos soon.  The green Burda jacket is finished, snaps and all.  I really am learning to love it!

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