Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Sewing

I've been sewing, but have not done much photography! I made a top from Oliver and S pattern (these are fabulous for good drafting and easy-to-follow directions) for DGD to go with her pajama pants--made several pairs of jammies for a doll she will receive for Christmas, and did some embroidered pillow cases for all of the grands. Fun sewing. Today I even made a "draft snake" for the front door of our condo unit. I think these units had carpet when first constructed and now we have large ceramic tiles on the floor of the kitchen, dining, and living rooms. Thus, a pretty generous slit under the front door. Our door opens out onto a hallway, but still cold air comes through during our rare cold spells. Easy project, found the directions on the internet. Again, I'm thankful for this media!

Happy Holidays to anyone who stops by to see this pictureless entry. I'm enjoying my "fur" coat and have a pair of LH Euro pants almost done--just a zipper and hems to go. I worked for several weeks and will return for the week after the winter break as an elementary assistant principal. Kind of a nice way to keep myself busy, make a little money, and help out our cash-strapped school district. Besides, I got to see the holiday performances and even received a few gifts and good wishes form students and staff.

Dinner with family tonight, nothing planned tomorrow, then medical appointments and a drive home on Tuesday. So thankful we can get away easily and visit my ocean on a regular basis!

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Sigrid said...

Happy holidays to you too.