Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Two Tweaks done! Loes Hinse Ascot Tweak Pattern

I finished the silk tweed that was my desired garment--then I finished the linen one too. I like this pattern--easy, quick, and I think a bit dressier than a simple cardigan. The linen is from Fabric Mart, I think. It has been in the stash for a while. The silk tweed is from Casual Elegance, the wonderful fabric service run by Sharon. She and Loes work collaboratively to provide patterns and fabrics that work well together. I know I'll wear them both. Black pants, black skirt, jeans...other possibilities?

Now I have to pack up the loose sewing tools in preparation for the DGKs coming back to our house for a few days. My DGD loves to help me run my embroidery machine so we will be in the studio. I try to move pins, scissors, seam rippers, anything with sharp points.

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Bobbie said...

They both look GREAT! Thanks for sharing!

I'll have to give this pattern a try. Bobbie