Sunday, May 3, 2009

Projects--Some Complete, some still underway...

This is the Burda blouse in is NOT done, obviously! I need to put in the size zipper and finish the hem. The fabric wrinkles very easily and the style may be too youthful for me. But, I am going to finish it. I can gift it to my nephew's wife if I decide it isn't for me.

These are t shirts I embroidered for my oldest grandson's 10th birthday party next week. Besides having the machine eat one sleeve and little things like that, they were easy and very repetative! DH digitized the Domo character for me. I had never heard of this critter, but DGS loves him and has various items with this design. Hats, toys, cards, etc. Fun for a 10 year old!

Here's a close up. DGS made up the "Domolicious" comment to complete the look! Last year we embroidered shirts with grand son's previous favorite phrase--Cheese tastes like bacon. He's a sweetheart--bright, athletic, cute, and very kind. He also has a love of the absurd!
At least I spent some time in the sewing studio this weekend! I'll see if I can get the blouse finished tonight.

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gwensews said...

You've been busy and productive! I'm anxious to see the finished blouise.