Saturday, April 18, 2009


Where does it go? We went to Reno to visit older son and his family--good time was had by all~ We skied, shopped, and just hung out. I even sewed a bit--I repaired my DGS's favorite sleeping bag. It's a bear that folds up into a back pack. It had been well worn and needed some repairing. It wasn't pretty sewing, but it will now last for a while longer.

We are home now. I worked yesterday and today we went to another DGS's 5th birthday party. No sewing for that occasion--he has enough clothing for himself and his younger brother for the year!!! But, it was also fun and we enjoy getting to see the kids and their friends.

Tomorrow--SEWING day! I have a couple of project ideas I want to try to get done.

I love reading other people's blogs--lots of lovely creations and clever adaptations of patterns I'd like to try!

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Lori said...

Have a good time sewing tomorrow. Sounds like you have had lots of fun.