Sunday, May 27, 2007

May sewing Projects!

Finally! I did some sewing.
I made 3 t shirts and I made some curtains for my sewing studio. I wish I could figure out how to manipulate the photos in blogger, but I can't so here they are as I downloaded them! The curtains are made from quilting cotton from Walmart! Nothing special, but a welcome bit of color in the sewing areas.
The shirts are:
Long sleeved is the Hot Patterns Plain and Simple Fitted T-shirt--size 14 and with the v neckline. The 2 short sleeved ones are Simplicity 4076 view D size 16. The green is coolmax from a coop and the white is cotton lycra from an online seller.
I have enough fabric to last the rest of my life, but it is great fun to brose the net and shop for more goodies. I've been good the past couple of months, though, and haven't bought any new fabric other than the curtain cottons.

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