Saturday, March 26, 2016

Loes Hinse Seminar March 2016

I have not been sewing for months, but I was anxious to attend the seminar in Carmel last week.  It was excellent!  Before doing any sewing, we first met at Loes's boutique in Carmel to discuss new trends and to try on new looks.  Here are a few of the looks I tried on...
I also included this photo of Loes wearing the current look of her garments.  The pants are all Harpo, a seminar only pant pattern.  I'm wearing a peach colored tank top and a variety of over garments.  The long sweater is a LH pattern and the two short jackets are new at seminar.  Layers are definitely the current look.  Loes's light colored top is a Bianca cut much shorter and it fits just below the waist.  I think she said it is 12" from armscye to hem. The Irish for hems is a double serge, not turned hem.  Very fresh, very flattering!  The most significant news is how valuable The Look (electronic newsletter) will be in the future.  New patterns of a commercial nature are NOT on the horizon.  Rather, Loes will share new ideas and sewing tweaks via The Look.

I am not an employee, NAYY etc.  I enjoy sewing these clothes and wearing them.  I also enjoy the seminar experience and will definitely return.  Next blog post will include the garments I made during my stay in Carmel.  You will notice that traditional jackets are not currently being shown.  The soft look has become more popular!  More to follow soon!


Nancy Winningham said...

Thanks for sharing the looks. I have always wanted to attend a seminar with Loes Hinse, but haven't had the time or money while I was working. Now that I'm retired, I can save up the money because I have the time! I love her patterns and it's good to see some of the new versions. Glad you got revitalized!

Terri K said...

Thank you for the update and photos Lynda! Will be anticipating the next Look as you said.

Couple questions: 1) since you've seen her current collections and ideas: I have the Sicilian Tank pattern which is also a dress/tunic length. It appears to have basically the same shape, armholes and boat neck as the Madagascar, but with princess seams. Is she making tank top garments with that seaming anymore, or just with CF/CB seams?

2) is that a two thread or three thread serged finish on the knits? I've used both depending on the knit.

Teddylyn said...

Here are my takes on the new approach--may be or not be the designer's goal!

1. Tank. The one I have on in the photos is a new pattern, but I think you can use whatever you like. The emphasis was on proportion. Wider pants, but drapey. Shorter top layer over the tank, or mid calf if longer. All tops re a bit roomier.

2. Finish on hems is 3 thread. Loes makes all garments with the 5 thread serger, snipping the chain before serving the hems. She served once from right side and once rom wrong side. Nice look!

Most of the knits Loes uses are selected for the type of garments she designs, so lightweight and drapey but not really stretchy.

She also showed pants made of jersey with some Lycra. Not tight at all, but sort of a puddle at ankle. I didn't make these.

I usually wear a Small in her patterns and she suggests using one size larger for the more relaxed look in tops. I made Ascona and Harlow pants. Even some Ascona crops to copy an Eileen Fisher look I liked. Regular size on pants.

Hope this helps

Terri K said...

Thank you Lynda. I too like a bit more ease and have been making a size larger these days since I'm seeing that look in the RTW Eileen Fisher, OSKA and other similar styles that I like to wear.