Friday, February 27, 2015

Sweater Made on Brother 836

Well, finally, I made something!  This is the first pattern in the Brother book for using the Knitleader.  It is a dropped shoulder sweater, shown as a striped red and white in the book.  I traced the size medium and used the Knitleader to guide me.  Easy peasy.  I sewed it together on my sewing machine and there you go!  Yarn is something purchased at a parking lit sale at Newtons Yarn Country in Anaheim, CA. Might be rayon?  Next project still in my thoughts.  At least I finally made SOMETHING!


Barb in Ga said...

Hi Teddylyn,
I am so proud of your new sweater. It is a big leap from making samples and swatches to a complete sweater. I remember going through that myself. You are inspiring me to drag my machine out and dust it off. I started following your blog because I like your Lose Hinse pieces. I do sew some of her things too.
Keep up the good work!
Barbara Mock

Teddylyn said...


Thank you so much for your kind comments! I am having fun learning to use the knitting machine. Bouts of frustration between moments of satisfaction and accomplishment!

Lynda in LV