Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sewing not blogging...Vogue 7975

Is not a great photo, but I made a quick cotton version of this classic jacket from my seminar fitted pattern. No issues at all in construction or fitting.  I buttoned it, but wore it over a ss LH perfect tee and white denim SA Willow pants.  I have made so many tees and Willows that I just don't take photos or post information about the.  TNT patterns that I enjoy wearing and that fit without much adjustment.  Boring sewing?  Not really, but not exciting either!

I just finished 2 pairs of LH crop pants (seminar pattern but also detailed in one of The Look issues) and yet another pair of Willow pants to coordinate with jacket above.  I will wear these items through the summer and know that I can pack and go easily.  I bought 4 or 5 new tee ahirts this week too--dressier ones that will make my simple garments a bit more polished.  I happily live a very casual life.  I do not want elaborate outfits that do not fit my activities.  I love to snoop shop and study fancy finishes with great interest.  I just do not wear that type of garment.  

Time for pool patrol for the grands.  The joys of my days😀

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Terri K said...

Your sewing is never boring Lynda. I've been doing a lot of "everything but sewing" like you lately. I'm happiest sewing coordinate groups - same thread colors etc. Thank you for reminding me that I need to cut out and sew some of the TNTs like the perfect tee, and for sharing the photos of your newest jacket.