Friday, December 13, 2013

Machine Knitting

I am finally playing with my Brother 386e knitting machine.  I bought it when/before I retired and did not bond with it.  Frankly, I was intimidated and was never even able to cast on or form stitches on it.  Into the cupboard it went.  Years later we moved and the machine found itself once again on a high shelf in the sewing studio.  That was almost two years ago.

Recently, there have been a few enthusiastic machine knitters posting on Stitchers Guild.  Knitters from novices to the very experienced have piqued my interest again.  So, while reading the posts I gained a little confidence and the support of a local friend who had done a lot of machine knitting in the past.  Knee surgery, machine maintenance, a little fear of failure, etc., kept me from getting started.  

BUT, I have finally had a few successful experiences with my machine!  No garments no real projects,  but a few sample attempts!  Whoppee!  With much time and practice, I think I can do this!  I'm hoping for a simple hat or scarf in the near future.

Here is my first attempt:  I can't move text and photos, so first photo is my first time being Balt to cast on and knit a bit.  Last photo shows I finally got to hang the comb and weights.  The middle two show the progress and the weights moving up the yarn.  I'm hoping to make more progress!

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