Friday, October 26, 2012

Seminar Time

Back in Carmel for a wonderful four days of sewing at a Loes Hinse seminar. I'm excited to try new patterns and to be inspired by the goodies at Loes's boutique.  The weather and scenery are delightful as back after the fun is over!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Broken Scissors

Just posting a photo so I can request warranty coverage on my broken favorite scissors.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Style Arc Willow Pants

Just a quick post to show the Style Arc Willow pants I made today.  I love this pattern--I made a couple of simple tweaks (shortened length about 2 inches where indicated on pattern and lengthened the crotch curve about 1/2 inch) to the pattern before I cut out the first pair and I have not had to make any other alterations!  The fabric is bengaline suiting from local JoAnns Fabric.  I bought several colors and plan to make at least one more pair of this same pattern!  I am going to go examine other SA patterns to see which will fit my lifestyle and my style choices.  The top is a Loes Hinse Perfect Tee I made a couple of years ago.  It has been worn to death, but I really love this pattern too!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Travel Photos

These photos are for documentation--certainly not for style!  LOL!  We walked an average of 12-15 miles per day, so you can see the results in the photos!  It was a wonderful trip and we had the very best time. Most days were quite warm so short sleeves and crop pants were worn more days than I had planned!

 These are Style Arc Tory crop pants--made from a JA stretch woven in a size 12--used 5/8" seam allowances and they fit great.  Location is the balcony of our hotel in Montone, Italy. 
 Style Arc Willow pants after a long day!!!  Made from stretch twill and worn with an Ann Taylor RTW tee.  I know the jacket-around-the-waist accessory may not be the most flattering, but it was practical! These pants grow during a busy day, but they were comfortable and warm on a cool day.  The lovely boar is on the side of a restaurant in Orivieto letting diners know that entres using this specialty are available within.
 Style Arc Tory pants from same fabric as Willow pants above.  These were worn and washed several times during the trip.  Lovely site is Porto Venere, Italy.  We took a boat from this delightful city up the Cinque Terre coast to Montorosa. 
Worst photo--cooking school on an agroturismo in Tuscany.  Under the stylish apron is a Christine Jonson cross over tee.  Nice pattern.  Lovely hat, eh?  We made and ate a delicious feast here!

Loes Hinse Bilbao pants and C Jonson Vee Neck Tee

I finally got a photo--not of travel clothing, but of some pants I made this morning and a shirt I made last week or the week before! 

Pants are the Bilbao pattern--the wide leg version modified to be narrow.  I could not put my hands on the pattern so could not trace the narrow leg view.  Sometimes I hate having two separate homes!  But, a friend helped me out by measuring the lower leg of the narrow version on her master pattern.  I used a ruler and my eyeball to narrow the pants down to the indicated measurements (10" front and 10.75" back, includes seam allowances).  I used a piece of fabric from the stash.  I did put in the zipper per instructions but left the pockets off this pair.

The top is my first try at the V neck top from CJ.  I really like it!  Fabric from Michael Levine Loft in the LA garment/fabric district.  We finally have a day that is cool enough for long pants and long sleeves.  Note, October 12!  This top is a medium with no alterations.  I also made her cowl neck top, an epattern.  I made a medium in that as well, but I think I am going to try a small just to compare.

Enjoy your creative crafts!