Monday, October 4, 2010

Thinking about Sewing, Again...Loes Seminar Prep

I am going to the Loes Hinse seminar again at the end of the month and won't get any sewing done until I go--DH and I are in New England enjoying the fall color and will be gone till mid month. Home for a week, then we'll go to Carmel for the seminar. I am mentally planning what I'd like to make--and maybe do a little cutting the week we are home. For sure, I will cut out a few perfect T shirts with long sleeves for the winter. I can make these up very quickly and it is a good activity for "filler" while waiting for Loes to help others or if I get up early and want to accomplish something to get my sewing juices going!

I love the innovative designs Loes comes up with to "tweak" her basic patterns, so maybe I should just wait until I get there to cut and sew!

We are enjoying the cooler weather here and that has me thinking of jackets too. When we left Las Vegas a few days ago it was still in the 100's for the daytime high. Just not an incentive to think about winter items. Now I'm in the mood to pull out some darker colored fabrics with a little more heft to the fabric.

This morning I took a long walk and enjoyed the scenery, but also did some day dreaming about what I'd like to sew next. I "tweaked" my European pants pattern with a cruise pant--really just retraced the front of the cruise to include the European zipper front. I did taper the waist at the side seam a bit too--a closer waistline possible with the zip front. I plan to make a pair or two of this frankenpattern. Both pants fit me well and I expect this version to be an easy sew as well. I have traced the new cardigan pattern from Loes's most recent newsletter--had the pieces/parts already at home. What fabric to use to try this out....what to order from Sharon?

Time to shower and meet DH for lunch!

More to sew mentally...


Terri K said...

You are so fortunate to be able to attend the seminars regularly. I'm always looking forward to seeing your resulting collection incorporating the new tweaks and style ideas.

I like the black/gray/silver fabric on the CE site that Loes was washing and making cardigans out of. I enjoy my cardigans from the Garbo pattern and may make one using the Biarritz tweak for a cardigan.

Teddylyn said...

Thanks, Terri!

I liked that silk blend fabric too. It sold out before I got around to contacting Sharon. I hope they have something similar for sale at the seminar.