Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sewing Room Remodel--sort of

Well, due to many factors, we now have some cute little people living at our house half of their days. We bought this house after the boys were grown and really just set it up for our needs, not even for guests! So, we dismantled the exercise room (no big loss since we DO exercise daily, but rarely used the room to do it), moved our son into that room, consolidated my sewing stuff, and moved a set of bunk beds into the cutting area. They slept here last night and everything went well. Is it ideal? No. Is it safe and friendly? Absolutely. We will be here part of the time and in CA part of the time. DS will have to determine a routine and schedule so that when the children are with him, he is the parent. He is a loving, caring Dad. He has a successful career and works very hard. He will come out the other side of this tunnel with his life intact. I get to see some of my grand kids much more often!

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Leah said...

Great job coming up with a solution! I`m sure they love their bunkbed!

Enjoy your time with your grandkids.