Saturday, June 5, 2010

School's Out!

I must say it is a great feeling too! We had a successful closing and everyone is off for summer adventures and classes and fun. A new principal has been appointed and she will report when the school office reopens in August. Great feeling!

Thanks to Lori and Summerset for the info on my wildflower--it is not a native, I don't think. We bought a bucket of wildflower seeds about 10 years ago and spread them on the flower beds at the back of the house. Some flowers reseed every year and these are my favorites!

We have some loose ends to tie up here and then we will take off for the summer to our little place at the beach. Cool breezes, morning walks along the sand, and sewing with the toys I have there. I bought and pretreated some fabrics for the grands and have my chanel style jacket packed to FINISH in the next few weeks! Even if I don't love it when it is done, I want to take this project to the end. I even have some cool trim, so I must focus myself and finish it up.

Today we are off to the Shark Reef exhibit--we've never been and it is free today for local teachers with ID badges. That's a nice perk that some of the local businesses have offered in these tough economic times. Our teachers have taken salary cuts, freezes, etc. and it is nice to know that some of the area attractions recognize these people. Of course, getting people to their properties is also a goal. I'll do some serious window shopping along the way as well :>)

We took take out dinner to DS's house last night and enjoyed a low key evening with son and grands. Nice night.


Shannon said...

Ooo, you lucky duck! I'm not done school for another month. I sure hope I make it!! :)

Summerset said...

My children finished last week - it is a good feeling to finish out a school year.