Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sewing Yes!

I made a Burda boatneck t shirt today--just had to make something I could sew and finish in one sitting. I still have the jacket under construction and bought ribbon and trim to finish it off--took DH into the fabric/trim store with me and he instantly was able to find great choices. I did not bring my camera with me, so neither the fabric/trim or the tshirt will be shown today. I used a knit border print and did a really easy trick--used the border for the hem and sleeve hems--no finishing needed on either the sleeves or the bottom of the garment. Instant gratification.

We are in CA--follow up med visits for my knee surgery, visits to my dad, and a little walking in the sunny outdoors. Oh yeah--we did have to sit inside for a couple of days to let the rain fall. The foothills are green and the sky was so clear today--luckily we do not live in the mudslide area although our little town got deluged during the last series of storms. We need the water in the West so I am not really complaining.

Photos next time!

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Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Look forward to seeing your t-shirt. I know how you feel about wanting to sew something in one sitting,,when I get myself back into sewing that's exactly what I plan on doing :))