Saturday, March 14, 2009

Burda Bonanza!

Two repeats and one a work in progress--but some sewing!

The brown shirt is the same as the Burda 109 from 1/2009--it is a relatively heavy stretch woven with some nice texture to the threads that create the stripes. I bought it last spring from Anne at Needlenook Fabrics. It is certainly easier to make the pattern a second time. This will be a lightweight shirt/jacket. The t shirt is yet another of the 108 from 2/2009. I made a black one too but it must be in the laundry!

Finally, the white shirt is the one from the cover of 2/2009. I really love the skirt too, but it's a Burberry and out of my price range! The shirt is a work in progress--needs hem, buttons, and button holes. I had SO much trouble with the collar that it took me at least 5 tries to get it right! Some dumb mistakes, some misunderstanding of the Burda directions, and some just needed to make it better moves! I will finish this shirt tonight or tomorrow.
You can see that I took the photos--and don't have any photo software back on the computer after it had to be rebuilt. Sorry for the sideways orientation!

I am enjoying the AP position, but really realize that I do not want to be a full time employee again. I feel useful, I feel worthwhile, and I feel a bit frazzled too!
Back to sewing and a little time to enjoy our beautiful weather today!

I need to finish the blouse so I can work on two light weight tunics I have cut out. The temperature is supposed to be in the 80's next week so I need some cool outfits for school!

Here's hoping I can post the photos now!


Summerset said...

Great tops! I love the stripe - I've thought of making that blouse, thanks for showing it!

Lori said...

Great looking tops.

Pamela Erny said...

Nice collection of tops!

Pam ~Off The Cuff~

gwensews said...

Very pretty tops. Just in time for spring!

Sigrid said...

Love the striped one too. I'm still debating on making that one or not, not sure how it will be on me and how to do a fba.

Sew Lind said...

Love the brown striped shirt, very striking!