Friday, April 6, 2007

Catching Up

Here are a few things I made in the past few weeks...

First, is a shirt for my grand daughter. It fits her, but the neck is a bit snug to put on. Good thing to note for the next one! Needs to have just a big bigger neck opening! The pattern is an Ottobre Design size 98 and the fabric is powerdry from Malden Mills bought from a fabric coop.

Let's see if I can get the photo over here! OK, they show up first! The second photo is of two pairs of pants made from different Burda WOF patterns. They are both from out of print petite editions of the magazine.
Both are wearable muslins made from Fabric Mart bundle fabrics. The pair on the left is corded fabric, maybe poly but has some stretch. It feels similar to cotton cord. Fit is OK. The pair on the right is of a cotton/spandex blend. I like the fit of this pair best.
I am trying to develop the TNT (tried and true) sloper for pants for me so I can just sew and enjoy the garment without having to wonder every time if they will be even close to fitting.

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