Monday, March 5, 2012

Sewaholic Renfrew Top

Greetings from the missing person--we have been (and continue to be) so busy with the selling/packing/rehabbing/moving between two homes that I have not done any sewing.  I have one project done and will post a photo.  I love the pattern and the design--not the fabric I chose.  I got it CHEAP at FDIM (is that right?) in LA last time we were in CA.  It has a great hand, but it is pretty soft and doesn't fit the way I had hoped.  Anyway, I will make it again when I have machines to use and a room to sew in.  I will have a wonderful sewing studio in new house and will have plenty of room to play.  The painters come tomorrow and the closet people have been scheduled.  Need to clean carpet, pack, organize, etc, etc, etc before I can sew ;-).

So, here is the Renfrew.  I made a size 10 right from the envelope.  I think I might go with a size 8 next try...we will see!  I rotated this photo--so it would be vertical.  When I see it in the blog post, it is horizontal.  Yikes.  Here is the top from an altered direction!