Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Holidays!

To my family and friends--best wishes for a wonderful holiday. Packing up my sewing room to move, so I'm sewing via blogs and magazines. I'll be back one of these days!,,

Monday, November 14, 2011

Quick Post--Not Sewing

Just to keep this blog in the cybersphere I'll add a short update.  This blog started out as a way for me to document what I'd been sewing...not much this month.  We had a great family memorial for my dad this past weekend in CA and followed up with a long lunch at the Cannery Restaurant in Newport Beach.  Lots of laughter and stories...some sad, mostly fun memories of my dad's long life.  I was surprised at how exhausted that left me.  But, we came home this morning and after the laundry and our daily walk, I hope to get a few projects off of the sewing table. 

I'm doing some embroidery designs on t shirts for my DDIL.  She is running a relay marathon and I'm doing some silly designs on shirts for her team.

I want to finish the third pair of  Bilbao pants that I almost finished at the Loes Hinse seminar.  I did finish my Mallorca jacket and will post photos of that soon.  I made 3 t shirts, and only one remains.  Totally user error.  I did not pretreat fabrics or even test a sample swatch of fabric.  I am WAY too old for crop tops/belly shirts.  So, although I cut all three from the same pattern, only one is really fully wearable.  One is OK under a jacket after I let out the hem, and one went in the trash. 

Tonight DH and DS are going to the UNLV basketball game and I'm watching the 3 kidlets.  Then, back to work in the morning.  I am subbing again--at a delightful elementary school. Being an assistant principal is so much more enjoyable than being the principal!   This job is done before the winter break and then I'm taking a long break :>)

Hope to share some sewing and/or photos soon!